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Snap Server 4100

Snap Server 4100



Add large amounts of RAID 5 storage quickly, easily and cost-effectively with a Snap Server 4100. For workgroups or departments that are experiencing rapid data growth, you can deploy storage and satisfy users in just five minutes. At a fraction of the cost and maintenance of complex general-purpose server, a Snap Server 4100 quickly and easily provides 320 GB in just 1U of space.


  • 320 GB of Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Five minute installation
  • High-density 1U format fits standard 19" racks or easily stacks on tabletops
  • RAID 5, 5 + Hot Spare, 1, 0
  • Automatically recognizes and supports all major network platforms (Windows, NetWare, Macintosh, UNIX and Linux)
  • 100Base-TX/10Base-T Ethernet connectivity
  • SNMP support for centralized management (can also be managed remotely via Web browser)
  • Very low total cost of ownership (TCO)

Manufacturer's Part Number 5325301573



Network Transport Protocols


Network File Protocols

Microsoft Networks (CIFS/SMB)
Novell NetWare (NCP)
Apple (AFP)
Internet (HTTP 1.0)
File Transport Protocol (FTP)

Network Security

Integrates with:
Microsoft Active Directory Service (ADS) participation*
Microsoft NT Domain Controller
Novell NetWare servers (Bindery)
Local Snap Server user list User-, Share- and File-level Security
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) v3

Network Client Types

Windows: Microsoft 95, 98,NT 4.0, 2000, ME, XP
NetWare: Novell client for NetWare, Microsoft Windows client for NetWare
Macintosh: System 7.5.5, 7.6,7.6.1, MacOS 8.0, 8.1, 8.5.1, 8.6,9.2, X.1.5, X.2, X.2.1, X.2.3
UNIX: SUN Solaris 7, 8; SCO UNIXWare 7.1.1; SCO OpenServer 5.0.5; AIX 4.3; HP-UX 11
Linux: Red Hat Linux 6.2, 7.2

Server Emulation

Windows 2000 participation*
Windows NT 4.0
NetWare 3.12
AppleShare 6.0
NFS 3.0

Network Connection

Auto-sensing 10/100Base-TX, single RJ-45 network connector

Automatic IP Address Assignment

Supports DHCP, BOOTP and RARP for automatic assignment of IP address

Multiple File System Options

The Snap Server 4100 can be configured for enhanced performance or maximum file protection. Options include:
  • RAID 5 (drive striping with parity): The capacity amount of one drive is reserved for parity checking. With four drives, RAID 5 yields 224GB usable capacity (shipping default).
  • RAID 5 + Hot Spare: Three disks may be used in a RAID 5 array with the fourth reserved for automatic failover and rebuild. (50% useable capacity).
  • RAID 1 (drive mirroring): Second set of drives duplicates the first set for maximum data protection (50% usable capacity).
  • RAID 0 (drive striping): One large virtual drive with data striped across all physical drives. No loss in usable capacity.
  • Individual Independent Disks: Four separate drives, each seen as a separate volume (JBOD)

System Management

Web-based Administration
Host Resources MIB
Disk Space Quotas
SMART Disk Failure Analysis
E-mail Notification

Setup and Configuration

Web-based User Interface for System Administration
Snap OS Interface Supports English (US/UK), French, German and Spanish

Application Environment

Enables the development of applications based on Java technology

Client Data Backup

PowerQuest DataKeeper Software (unlimited user license) included for Client Backup of Windows Files
DataKeeper Interface Supports English (US/UK), French, German and Spanish

Snap Server Network Backup

Compatible with Windows and NetWare Network Backup Software, including VERITAS Backup Exec, Computer Associates ARCserve, Dantz Retrospect and Microsoft Backup Software for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP

Available Server-to-Server Synchronization Software

Allows one or more Snap Servers to synchronize to one or more other Snap Servers

Physical Specifications

Width .....................17.0 in (43.2 cm)
Depth .....................17.0 in (43.2 cm)
Height ....................1.75 in (4.4 cm), 1U
Weight ...................19.6 lbs (8.9 kg)

Agency Certifications

UL, cUL, CE, FCC Class B, C-Tick, Nemko, TuV


Power Rating: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, auto-sensing
Power Consumption: 60W (steady rate),150W (maximum)
Heat Dissipation: 205 BTUs/hr

Operating Environment

50 F to 95 F (10 C to 35 C)
15% to 90% humidity (non-condensing)
Vibration: .25G at 5-500Hz for 120 minutes
Shock: 6 pulses of 33G for up to 2ms
Altitude: 0 ft to 8,000 ft (0m to 2,438m)

Non-operating Environment

14 F to 140 F (-10 C to 60 C)
5% to 95% humidity (non-condensing)
Vibration: 2G at 5-500Hz for 90 minutes
Altitude: 0 ft to 35,000 ft (0m to 10,668m)

North American Warranty

Three-year standard parts and labor limited warranty with available Snap CareTM Service Programs.


Snap Server 4100 320GB

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