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Snap Server 14000

Snap Server 15000

Snap Server 15000

Scalable Block and File Storage Solution for the Distributed Enterprise
As enterprises become more distributed and storage demands continue to explode, controlling multiple types of data across a broad range of applications has become increasingly complex. With traditional solutions, block data and file data must be stored on separate servers and managed independently. The ideal solution would allow block and file data to be stored on the same server to consolidate data management.
The Snap Server™ 15000 combines a scalable hardware platform with a complete software suite to deliver a flexible primary storage solution at tape storage costs. By leveraging the unified block and file architecture of the award-winning GuardianOS™, the Snap Server 15000 is the solution for consolidating disparate data to simplify storage management and significantly reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Accelerated Backup
The continuous generation of large amounts of data by applications such as email has made traditional backup methods slow and impractical. Backing up directly to the Snap Server 15000 and then archiving the data to tape significantly reduces the backup time and provides rapid restores. The native Snapshot technology embedded in the GuardianOS provides consistent, point-in-time incremental backups which can be stored online to further reduce tape media costs. Integrated BakBone NetVault software, backup agent support for VERITAS, CA and Legato, and future Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)* support provide the ultimate backup flexibility.

Storage Consolidation
Consolidating storage allows enterprises to do more with less. By offering simultaneous block and file storage on a single device, the Snap Server 15000 eliminates the need for disparate storage pools, simplifies data management, consolidates storage resources, and maximizes storage dollars. Instant Capacity Expansion™ (I.C.E.) enables on-the-fly scalability and provisioning to seamlessly grow storage resources to meet changing needs.

Nearline Storage
Data growth and regulatory compliance are requiring an increasing amount of data to be stored on rapid access, disk-based storage instead of tape and optical storage. The challenge is finding the performance of primary storage at the cost of archival storage. The Snap Server 15000 offers compelling price/performance for storing large amounts of data on fast, disk-based media.

Worldwide Warranty
Snap Appliance hardware and software are backed by world class service and support to protect your investment from downtime. With Snap Care™ services, you have complete peace of mind.
Standard services with the Snap Server 15000 include:

  • Three year hardware limited warranty
  • One year Snap Care™ Onsite Next Business Day Service (NBD)
  • One year GuardianOS™ software maintenance
  • Snap Care upgrades for critical onsite service are available for an additional charge


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