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What's New?

EasyCopy 8.7

UNIX, Linux, Windows

New Build News 8.7 - April 2012

EasyCopy 8.7 is now released. It is designed to simplify and improve your graphics workflow by offering integrated tools to handle your files. The comprehensive Mark-up and Montage package has got several improvements, that has made EasyCopy even more user friendly and ergonomic.

With the 8.7 release of the EasyCopy  Graphics Suite we have added full integration with PowerPoint to enable you to take your individual files or EasyCopy Montages and save them directly in .ppt format. When Power Point falls short due to file size, unsupported file formats, poor previews, difficulties in plotting the EasyCopy Graphics Suite, that includes EasyVect is the perfect solution.

With the Easycopy Graphics Suite you can also edit your CGM, EMF... and save as vector PDF, CGM, EMF and SVG thereby getting the best possible quality and full scalability for any purpose.

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