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When taking down server IS NOT AN OPTION-Just plug in and Turn On.  No Configuration necessary!  When used as a File Server ,NAS helps to minimize direct traffic to the primary server, keeping bandwith open for critical application related tasks. In sizes ranging from 20 GB to 4.3 TB., and RAID levels 0 through 10 When Speed and Hot Swapping are necessities. Available in capacities ranging up to a Terabyte, and in RAID levels 0 through 10. A perfect solution for databases, commercial web servers, and e-commerce functions. A range of configurations enables a fault-tolerant set-up for on-the-fly "disaster recovery." The industry accepted underlying enabling technology for SAN's is FIBRE Channel (FC). Fibre Channel as a technology provides for copper and Fibre Optic interconnects. It can carry simultaneously multiple protocols. FC supports three different topologies which can all be intermixed in a FC Fabric, they are Point to Point, Switched and Arbitrated Loop.


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