Vol. 2, NO.1

Fall 2003


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EasyCopy 7.2  Better Than Ever!

Latest Version of EasyCopy 7.2 on Our Web Site

As bug fixes and new features become available between major releases, they are compiled and the new version (ID by date; i.e. Oct.. 10, 2003) is available for download from our web site ( The current 10/10/03 version contains some of the following improvements:

 (1)EasyCopy release 7.2 (UNIX and Windows) includes a Montage package that offers all the tools you need for Redline Markup and Presentation.

 (2)Support for multipage files. This allows you to use all images in a multipage TIFF file, and it allows you to go beyond the first page of a PostScript or PDF file.

(3) Timed backup in Montage for both UNIX & Windows so that your work is not lost.

(4) Speed improvement relates specifically to the printing of large (2xE-size) vector files (HPGL and CGM) on medium sized workstations. The more computer power and physical/virtual memory available the smaller the improvement. We have measured up to a factor 2.5. Also, the LZW compression speed has been optimized and the developers have seen improvements of another factor of 2.5.

 (5) Command line conversion is now available for Windows.

The Benefits of EasyCopy in the Windows Environment

Since our launch of Release 7.1, EasyCopy has added the support for Microsoft windows and more and more of our customers are experiencing the ease of use and power of EasyCopy on windows platforms that is the standard in the UNIX world.

  Those  who have not used EasyCopy ask: Why use EasyCopy when with windows all you need to do is hit the print screen key, next open a graphics program, next paste in the image, next crop or cut all you didnít want captured, next clean up the image, next take the image and paste the image somewhere else so that now you can actually use what you captured Ĺ hour ago. How many applications do you need to become an expert in to build a simple informational slide or image? Now how do you convert your image into a PDF or import CGM from UG?

  All the above can be accomplished with one package (EasyCopy) and in many cases in 1 or 2 clicks. If you havenít used EasyCopyís Redline capabilities than you are missing a very inexpensive communication tool that just may shorten your design cycle.


CEO Visits

Do not be surprised if you get a visit or phone call from the CEO of Autograph in our effort to continually improve our EasyCopy product.  Dave Brownlee of C.A.M. Corporation (EasyCopy USA Distributor & Help Desk) is encouraging Lisbeth Andersen (CEO of Autograph-EasyCopy developer located in Denmark) to talk with our USA customers as to what features or changes to EasyCopy would be most helpful. So far Lisbeth has visited General Motors Corp., Axle Alliance, Detroit Diesel, TRW Automotive, Key Plastics, Tower Automotive, Johnson Controls, Magna-Donnelly Corp., Robert Bosch Corp., Michigan State University, Ford Motor Company, Exxon-Mobil, BP, Boeing, Lear Corp. and BAE. In Europe, she visited Landrover, MG Rover, Ford, Autoliv , DaimlerChrysler, BMW, Mayflower, Honda of the UK Manufacturing, MSX, Stork Fokker and Volvo.

The addition of Windows as an EasyCopy supported platform was the result of a CEO visit as well as the automatic backup while in the Montage gui when working in windows. A customer pointed out that with all of our experiences with the Bill Gatesí blue window that we must provide an  auto backup for the windows environment. The addition of the stamp function was also a customer request.

If you have requests or suggestions, please send an email to

Itanium 64 support

For those of you planning on moving into the Itanium 2 HP UX 11.i, EasyCopy is presently compiling Release 7.2 and anticipates full release by November 30, 2003. Support for products from other vendors like Microsoft will be followed shortly. Autograph has a long history of vendor relationship and has worked with Intel in the early development of the Itanium product. Couple this with being developer partners with HP, Sun, IBM, SGI, Microsoft, EDS, CATIA and you will always find  EasyCopy to be at the forefront of new technology.


  AIX 4.3 +
  HP-UX 10.2+
 IRIX 6.5+
Solaris 2.6+
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows XP

End Of Year Printer Promotion

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Supported File Formats

Calcomp Plot files   
CALS Raster Type 1  
CATIA Picture Files  
CCITT Group 3 and 4 (TIFF class F)  

GIF 87a and 89a    
Ideas Picture File (input) 

JPEG 2000
OS/2 Bitmap (BMP)  

Portable Bit Map(PBM) 

SUN Raster  
Silicon Graphics RGB  

Text files  
Windows Bitmap (BMP)  
X Windows Dump (XWD)


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