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NEO 4100

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Neo 4100

 •   Up to 31.2 TB capacity*
 •   1-4 SDLT 320, SDLT 600, LTO-1 or LTO-2 drives **
 •   52-60 slots
 •   Expansion on demand

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The NEO SERIES 4100 enterprise-class tape storage library.

With NEO, you don't have to buy the big box now, so you can fill it up later. The NEO 4100 lets you start out with up to 31.2 TB of capacity now, then add additional modules that will operate as a single library…a great way to protect your investment.

To make sure your data is continuously available, NEO is configured with redundant robotics, tape drives, power supplies, controller cards and interfaces so that no single failure can disable the entire library. And NEO's patented Mailslot design lets you easily add and remove cartridges without disrupting the system. You can even replace tape drives without interrupting SCSI bus operations thanks to NEO's LiveSwap™ technology.

Advanced as NEO is, it remains incredibly easy to use. All operator controls are accessible through a touch-screen, graphical user interface. In addition, you can access the system via a LAN or through any browser.

*All capacity and transfer rates assume a 2:1 data compression ratio.
**LTO-1 refers to HP LTO Ultrium Generation 1 and LTO-2 refers to HP LTO Ultrium Generation 2.


# Drives 1 (4 max.)   1 (4 max.) 1 (4 max.) 1 (4 max.)
# Cartridges   52   52     60   60  
Capacity (compressed) TB 31.2   16.6 12 24
Capacity (native) TB   15.6   8.3     6   12  
Data Transfer Rates
    Compressed GB/hr
    (1 drive)
  259.2   115.2     108   216  
    Native GB/hr
    (1 drive)
129.6   57.6 54 108
    Compressed GB/hr
    (4 drives)
  1,036.8   460.8     432   864  
    Native GB/hr
    (4 drives)
518.4   230.4 216 432
# Slots per magazine   13   13     15   15  

NEO SERIES 4100 Basic Specifications
Interface LVD or HVD SCSI, Fibre Channel* or Gigabit Ethernet (NDMP)
Accessories Included** Terminator, bar code reader, barcode labels, documentation, data cartridge, cleaning
cartridge (LTO-Universal only), SCSI drive daisy chain cable(s), 4 magazines
Magazines, media cleaning cartridges
Dimensions 17.5 x 16.8 x 31.9 (in); 44.4 x 42.7 x 81 (cm)
Warranty/Service 3 years (see warranty details under service & support)

Part Numbers
SDLT 600
  NEO 4100
SDLT 320
NEO 4100
NEO 4100
Neo 4100 Rackmount w/ 1 drive OV-LXN101130   OV-LXN101076 OV-LXN101071 OV-LXN101088
Neo 4100 Tabletop with 1 drive   OV-LXN101129   OV-LXN101075     OV-LXN101070   OV-LXN101089  
Upg. 52 slots SDLT
(0 drives)/4100
OV-LXN101080   OV-LXN101080 N/A N/A
Upg. 60 slots LTO
(0 drives)/4100
  N/A   N/A     OV-LXN101082   OV-LXN101082  
Upg. 26 slots SDLT
(0 drives)/4100
OV-LXN101084   OV-LXN101084 N/A N/A
Upg. 30 slots LTO
(0 drives)/4100
  N/A   N/A     OV-LXN101086   OV-LXN101086  
Add-on Drive: SDLT and LTO ***   OV-LXN901026 OV-LXN901010 OV-LXN901027
Tabletop to rack-mount conversion kit   OV-LXN901005   OV-LXN901005     OV-LXN901005   OV-LXN901005  
Optional V.I.A. cards                    
Library Partition Option (LPO)   OV-LXN901024   OV-LXN901024     OV-LXN901024   OV-LXN901024  
Library Partition Option (LPO) w/router   OV-LXN901023   OV-LXN901023     OV-LXN901023   OV-LXN901023  
Library Partition Option (LPO) w/switch   OV-LXN901025   OV-LXN901025     OV-LXN901025   OV-LXN901025  
Fibre Channel Option
(req. an SFP)
OV-LXN901014   OV-LXN901014 OV-LXN901014 OV-LXN901014
    SFP—Shortwave   OV-LXN901016   OV-LXN901016     OV-LXN901016   OV-LXN901016  
    SFP—Longwave   OV-LXN901017   OV-LXN901017     OV-LXN901017   OV-LXN901017  
  HVO- HVD SCSI Option   OV-LXN901018   OV-LXN901018     OV-LXN901018   OV-LXN901018  
Gigabit Ethernet Option (NDMP)   OV-LXN901053   OV-LXN901053     OV-LXN901053   OV-LXN901053  

    *Fibre Channel option requires that the appropriate SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) module
    be ordered to complete the interface. For copper SFP's, please consult your Overland representative.
    ** The rack is not included in the NEO SERIES 4000 models.
    Single-ended SCSI interface is not supported on Overland Storage products.
    *** Please call for details.

    NOTE: Overland products are covered by one or more of the following patents registered with the USPTO:
    5,870,245; 6,328,766; 6,353,581; 6,496,325.

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