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NEO 2000


 •   Up to 15.6 TB capacity*
 •   0-2 SDLT 320, SDLT 600, LTO-1 or LTO-2 drives**
 •   26-30 slots
 •   Expansion on demand

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The NEO SERIES 2000 expandable, cost-effective tape library.

Incorporating the third generation of Overland's expandable, modular robotics, the NEO 2000 features LiveSwap™ tape drives, remote fail-over, removable power supply and redundant robotics.

Each module has 26 SDLT or 30 LTO Ultrium slots and up to two drives. This gives you as much as 124.8 TB capacity and up to 4,147.2 GB/hour performance in an eight-module library that can operate as a single library. Drive technologies supported include SDLT 320, SDLT 600, LTO-1 and LTO-2.

All operator controls are accessible through a touchscreen, graphical user interface. Web TLC®, a remote library management tool embedded in NEO, enables the use of a standard browser to view the library and all its functions. Drives, power supplies, controllers and interface cards are all easily removed by the user with no special tools required.

*capacity and transfer rates assume a 2:1 data compression ratio.
**LTO-1 refers to HP LTO Ultrium Generation 1 and LTO-2 refers to HP LTO Ultrium Generation 2.


# Drives* 0, 1 or 2   0, 1 or 2 0, 1 or 2 0, 1 or 2
# Cartridges*   26   26     30   30  
Capacity (compressed) TB 15.6   8.3 6 12
Capacity (native) TB   7.8   4.2     3   6  
Data Transfer Rates
    Compressed GB/hr
    (1 drive)
  259.2   115.2     108   216  
    Native GB/hr
    (1 drive)
129.6   57.6 54 108
    Compressed GB/hr
    (2 drives)
  518.4   230.4     216   432  
      Native GB/hr
    (2 drives)
259.2   115.2 108 216
# Slots Per Magazine 13   13 15 15

NEO SERIES 2000 Basic Specifications
Interface LVD or HVD SCSI, Fibre Channel** or Gigabit Ethernet (NDMP)
Accessories Terminator, bar code reader, barcode labels, documentation, data cartridge, cleaning
cartridge (LTO only), SCSI drive daisy chain cable(s),
2 magazines, WebTLC
Dimensions 8.75 x 16.8 x 31.9 (in); 22.2 x 42.7 x 81 (cm)
Warranty/Service 3 years (see warranty details under service & support)

Part Numbers
SDLT 600
  NEO 2000
SDLT 320
NEO 2000
NEO 2000
One drive, 26 slots, rackmount OV-LXN101126   OV-LXN101024 N/A N/A
One drive, 26 slots, tabletop OV-LXN101125   OV-LXN101023 N/A N/A
Two drives, 26 slots, rackmount OV-LXN101128   OV-LXN101026 N/A N/A
Two drives, 26 slots, tabletop   OV-LXN101127   OV-LXN101025     N/A   N/A  
Add-on Drive ***   OV-LXN901026 OV-LXN901010 OV-LXN901027
Zero drive, 26 slots, rackmount   OV-LXN101001   OV-LXN101001     N/A   N/A  
One drive, 30 slots, rackmount N/A   N/A OV-LXN101021 OV-LXN101027
One drive, 30 slots, tabletop   N/A   N/A     OV-LXN101121   OV-LXN101028  
Two drives, 30 slots, rackmount N/A   N/A OV-LXN101022 OV-LXN101029
Two drives, 30 slots, tabletop   N/A   N/A     OV-LXN101122   OV-LXN101030  
Zero drive, 30 slots, rackmount N/A   N/A OV-LXN101020 OV-LXN101020
2-hi Xpress Channel Primary-10U OV-LXN901012   OV-LXN901012 OV-LXN901012 OV-LXN901012
2-hi Xpress Channel Extension-10U   OV-LXN901050   OV-LXN901050     OV-LXN901050   OV-LXN901050  
1-hi Xpress Channel Extension-5U OV-LXN901013   OV-LXN901013 OV-LXN901013 OV-LXN901013
Optional V.I.A. Feature cards                    
Library Partition Option (LPO) OV-LXN901024   OV-LXN901024 OV-LXN901024 OV-LXN901024
Library Partition Option (LPO) w/router   OV-LXN901023   OV-LXN901023     OV-LXN901023   OV-LXN901023  
Library Partition Option (LPO) w/switch OV-LXN901025   OV-LXN901025 OV-LXN901025 OV-LXN901025
Fibre Channel Option (req. SFP)   OV-LXN901014   OV-LXN901014     OV-LXN901014   OV-LXN901014  
    SFP-Shortwave   OV-LXN901016   OV-LXN901016     OV-LXN901016   OV-LXN901016  
    SFP-Longwave   OV-LXN901017   OV-LXN901017     OV-LXN901017   OV-LXN901017  
  HVO - HVD SCSI Option   OV-LXN901018   OV-LXN901018     OV-LXN901018   OV-LXN901018  
Gigabit Ethernet Option (NDMP)   OV-LXN901053   OV-LXN901053     OV-LXN901053   OV-LXN901053  

*NEO SERIES 2000 can be scaled up to 8 modules providing 16 drives and 208 SDLT (240 LTO) slots in 1 physical library.
LTO-1 refers to HP LTO Ultrium Generation 1 and LTO-2 refers to HP LTO Ultrium Generation 2.
**Fibre Channel option requires that the appropriate SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) module be ordered to complete the interface.
Single-ended SCSI interface is not supported on Overland Storage products.
*** Please call for details.

NOTE: Overland products are covered by one or more of the following patents registered with the USPTO: 5,870,245; 6,328,766; 6,353,581; 6,496,325.

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