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Computer Asset Management
Computer Asset Management
4730 E M-36
Pinckney, MI 48169

"We are often called Livingston's hidden treasure," said owner Dave Brownlee, "as many
people don't know that were are located here."

Computer Asset Management Corporation has been serving manufacturing and industrial
clients with imaging technology since 1974, and in 1994 teamed up with Augrin Software
in Copenhagen to be a US distributor of the EasyCopy line of software for the UNIX
platform. EasyCopy enables engineers and others to easily translate complex color
images and diagrams into printed form. In the past, the UNIX platform had been difficult
to work with when it cam to printing EasyCopy solves this dilemma with user-friendly
interface, easy-to-use hot-keys and multiple user-configurable options. In response to
customer demand, EasyCopy is now also available in a version for Windows NT.

How important is EasyCopy to the Computer Aided Design and Engineering sector?
GM, EDS, DaimlerChrysler and Ford, as well as Tier 1 automotive suppliers rely on
EasyCopy software to make their design work run smoothly and efficiently. CAM Corp.
works with existing and potential clients to fashion the best combination of EasyCopy
products to meet rigorous demands of the automotive and manufacturing industries.
Working closely with their partners in Denmark, the CAM Corp team visits client sites to
not only assess current needs, but to anticipate future growth. They also maintain an
EasyCopy Help Desk to field calls from users, consulting regularly with the developers to
smooth out any software enhancements.

Recently CAM Corp have been working at the local level in print solutions from
printers to storage - and warehousing consumable print products.

"Companies have been taking on more responsibility for their print and computer
solution needs," said Brownlee. "Technology has advanced to such a level that
companies will often tackle smaller run print jobs. We can match their needs with
product and support."

Holiday Breakfast
Pinckney HS Chior entertains
Pinckney HS Chior entertains
The Pinckney Lakeland Hamburg Chamber of commerce hosted their annual Holiday
Breakfast on December 20th at Pinckney High School. Attendees were treated to music
from the high school choir, a fine meal and many holiday gifts.

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