Press Release

AGI Releases a new EasyCopy with Enhanced Markup and Presentation and Announces EasyCGM

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, May 1. 2003, AutoGraph International (AGI) today announced its new product release, EasyCopy 7.2, with a new option called EasyCGM for import of vector graphics.

EasyCopy, the successful program suite of image communication tools for screen capture, conversion and printing, has more than 200.000 users worldwide and is the preferred solution for image printing, screen capture, and image conversion in many of the world's largest corporations.

The new release offers three major improvements, namely the new EasyCGM option, a major enhancement of EasyCopy's Montage package, and the support of multipage images. In addition, the new release offers substantial performance gains.

The combined result of these new features is that EasyCopy now has been developed into a powerful one-stop tool for visualization, markup, and presentation, equally useful in the energy industry and the automotive and aerospace industry.

The product has always been renowned for being simple and easy-to-use. This virtue has been maintained despite of the many new features. The CAD professional and the Geo scientist will be able to utilize the full functionality of the product with only a minimum of instruction, and will only occasionally need to consult the extensive documentation which accompanies the software.


The kernel in EasyCGM is the CGM technology from Houston-based Larson CGM Software, the leading CGM expert company. EasyCGM offers an excellent support of industry standards including ISO CGM Version 1, 2, 3, and 4, ATA, CALS, CGM+, CGM*PIP and WebCGM. In addition it offers support of industry standard HP-GL and HP-GL/2.

EasyCGM is a separate licensable option to EasyCopy. It is implemented as an input filter, so that graphics files are seamlessly imported into EasyCopy or EasyCopy's Montage package. Users of systems like Landmark, GeoQuest, Microstation, and Paradigm will find it easy and convenient to use EasyCopy either as a bridge (say CGM-to-TIFF conversion) or the final step in markup and presentation.


The list of improvements in the Montage package used for markup and presentation includes a completely rewritten user interface to accommodate larger drawing area and more tools, customization features in the user interface, support for open and filled curves, support for line and fill styles, choice of arrow heads and tails, easy area zoom or stepwise zoom, object duplication, object alignment, support for hidden and locked objects, and screen capture directly into the canvas.

The new release also offers an easy and flexible page setup with support for arbitrary canvas size, standard forms, or canvas size inherited either from printer setup or from the size of a "background" image.

A unique feature is the advanced color replacement function for images. Any color in an image can be replaced by an arbitrary other color, including replacement by transparent color. This goes for any file format, true color as well as paletted images.


EasyCopy now supports TIFF files with multiple pages. Also PostScript and PDF documents will often have multiple pages. Previous releases could only import the first page. The new release makes it possible to open any page.

Available for all Major Platforms

EasyCopy 7.2 is available for Windows and all major UNIX workstations. The very flexible licensing scheme allows, that floating licenses can be shared throughout a network and shared among all users, also in a heterogeneous system environment with both UNIX and Windows users.

AGI Distributor
Camcorpusa (Computer Asset management Corporation)  a USA distributor and help desk (since 1992) for AutoGrapgh International’s suite of imaging products centered on the EasyCopy product for Unix and NT workstations.  Camcorpusa’s customers include GM, EDS, DaimlerChrysler and Ford, as well as Tier 1 and 2 automotive suppliers who rely on EasyCopy software to make their design work run smoothly and efficiently.  Camcorpusa is located in Lakeland, Michigan and can be contacted at 800.757.0800 or 810.231.2883 (email