Press Release

EasyCopy 7.0 with better Printer Support, more Image Formats and Integrated Annotation Tools

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, January 8, 2002, AutoGraph International (AGI) announces its new product release, EasyCopy 7.0. EasyCopy, the successful program suite of image communication tools for screen capture, conversion and printing, has more than 200.000 users worldwide and is the preferred printing solution in many of the world's largest corporations.

Print Everywhere
Never before has printer installation and setup been so easy in the UNIX environment. EasyCopy comes with tools that let the System Administrator create and manage print queues throughout the network. You can now install a printer in EasyCopy and connect it to a print server without the need for a local print queue. You can also update "installable options" from the Printer Setup dialog, which means that you no longer have to reinstall the printer if its configuration has been upgraded.

This latest version of EasyCopy includes also new enhanced drivers for HP DeskJet printers. The print quality you can achieve from a DeskJet printer has been considerably improved with the new drivers, and the quality is carefully optimized for your particular choice of media. You will particularly notice the improvement if you print photographs or rendered models.

With each new EasyCopy release you will find tested PPD files for easy printing to PostScript printers under UNIX and EPD (EasyCopy Printer Description) files for non PostScript devices. The EasyCopy technology makes printing to all kind of devices easy and predictable - including printing 1:1 size on large format RTL plotters.

View and convert everything
EasyCopy 7.0 now includes conversion tools with support for all kinds of image files. New is support for PNG, CALS Raster and tiled TIFF. Import PostScript by means of GNU Ghostscript, which is configured in EasyCopy as a filter. Add Calcomp 907, HPGL and CGM including CGM3, CGM*PIP and CGM with seismic extensions to the long list of supported formats by means of the licensable option JustEasy. EasyCopy's filter concept lets you to add more formats, including custom formats, under the same easy "umbrella".

Integrated Annotation Tool
With EasyCopy 7.0 Gold comes AGI's new high performance annotation tool integrated seamlessly with the many other EasyCopy tools. The tool provides the easiest way to add text, graphics sketch and more to your screen captures or image files. Images can now be saved, mailed or printed with annotation. The new EasyCopy Graphical User Interface makes image mark-up for documentation and communication faster, clearer and easier than ever.

You can select fast view or best view. With best view you will benefit from AGI's celebrated scaling technology. Text is rendered from sharp, high-quality Type 1 fonts.

Enhanced Stamp and Label Functions
New integrated stamp and label functions add an important security feature to the EasyCopy screen capture and printing tools. The general label function has been enhanced and is now integrated in the familiar EasyCopy Graphical User Interface. A new function is added to let you place a stamp diagonally across the image.

AGI Distributor
Camcorpusa (Computer Asset management Corporation)  a USA distributor and help desk (since 1992) for AutoGrapgh International’s suite of imaging products centered on the EasyCopy product for Unix and NT workstations.  Camcorpusa’s customers include GM, EDS, DaimlerChrysler and Ford, as well as Tier 1 and 2 automotive suppliers who rely on EasyCopy software to make their design work run smoothly and efficiently.  Camcorpusa is located in Lakeland, Michigan and can be contacted at 800.757.0800 or 810.231.2883 (email