Press Release

AGI Releases a new Build of EasyCopy 8.1, June 11, 2007


The full list of  changes in build June 11, 2007:




   * ZEH Montage reader (beta)


   * Respect system-wide setting of FitDialog or FullSize view

   * Destination path defined in profile does now appear in autosave


   * In main GUI short cuts for zoom and other tools

   * ctr ++ for zoom does now work

   * Main GUI - crop rubberband you have set approximately - now

     possible to reselect the crop rubberband after zooming ( earlier

     only possible in Montage)


     *Adaptive Page Size for the EasyCopy Printers*


   * Bug fix of adaptive page size related to "landscape" files

   * If the file/Montage is wider than the width of the plotter it will

     automatically be rotated to match the plotter

   * Custom page size first choice on the list

   * Custom - now default for roll devices


     *Movie Creator*


   * Save as playlist - no warning if existing name.

   * Save as playlist - add extension .ecpl if missing.




   * Find Texture file when loading layout on UNIX

   * Enabled CPU autodetect in mencoder on Linux to run on Intel

   * Removed dependency on old libstdc++ from easyemf on Solaris

   * easycopy -geometry +0+0 => positioned with frame outside screen on SGI

AGI Distributor
Camcorpusa (Computer Asset management Corporation)  a USA distributor and help desk (since 1992) for AutoGrapgh International’s suite of imaging products centered on the EasyCopy product for Unix and NT workstations.  Camcorpusa’s customers include GM, EDS, DaimlerChrysler and Ford, as well as Tier 1 and 2 automotive suppliers who rely on EasyCopy software to make their design work run smoothly and efficiently.  Camcorpusa is located in Lakeland, Michigan and can be contacted at 800.757.0800 or 810.231.2883 (email