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EasyCopy from autoGraph international (AGI) contains an advanced tool for Windows and X-Window screen capture designed to meet the complex requirements of technical and scientific applications, or just to make captures for documentation or web publishing.

The capture tool is designed for easy integration into applications. It provides the screen capture functions of all products in AGIís EasyCopy family of products:

The power of AGIís Screen Capture goes far beyond the standard xwd (X Window Dump) program and the print screen functions on Windows. View the demo below that illustrates the difference. The limitations of xwd become noticeable when the screen contains many windows, and these are displayed in different color modes.

This is X Enhanced Mode
Traditional Screen Capture
The captured area includes several windows in different modes. Windows using different color maps are poorly reproduced. Windows filled by other methods than traditional X Window appear black filled.


X Enhanced Screen Capture
The captured area includes several windows in different modes. Windows using different color maps are all reproduced correctly. Windows filled by other methods than traditional X Window are detected and filled correctly.

Capture Modes

EasyCopy supports various screen capture modes for X-window:
  • X Enhanced mode which exploits the full EasyCapture functionality. This is the default mode. The original colors of individual windows are preserved with any combination of windows. Even when a window appears in false colors on the screen due to color table overrun, it is captured in its original colors and is saved correctly.
  • XWD mode which is based on the standard xwd program. This mode offers a faster alternative when the target is not complex.
  • OpenGL is handled by X Enhanced mode.
  • On IBM RS/6000 and Silicon Graphics a special GL mode may be required to capture windows created by GL-based or other non-X applications.

Capture Types

You may capture
  • a single window, with or without its frame,
  • the full screen,
  • any rectangular area of the screen.
  • a fixed region.
EasyCopy supports capture of the local display and remote displays (UNIX only).

Command Line Capture

Command line capture is available for both Windows and UNIX.

AutoCapture or Timed Capture

AutoCapture or timed capture gives full control of quality, size and number of captures frames in combination with AutoSave.

Captured Image File

EasyCopy saves the captured screen image in a file in XWD format for UNIX and bmp format for Windows. This file can be imported into other applications, or converted into other formats.

With AutoSave Easycopy also features automatic save of captures with a choice of profiles and individual preferences.

Hot Keys

EasyCopy can be operated by user defined hot keys, for example CTRL-W to capture a window, CTRL-F to capture the full screen, etc.

You can use the graphical user interface of EasyCopy to configure hot keys. You can also setup hot keys in your windows manager.

Supported Platforms

EasyCopy is available for all major workstation platforms: AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Silicon Graphics IRIX, SUN Solaris, and Windows 2000 and XP.


   EasyCopy 8.2

Click here for more information and  Download EasyCopy for product evaluation.

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