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EasyCopy Silver

EasyCopy Silver is supporting some of the workprocesses of technical professional working with graphics, but does NOT include the Movie Creator, the Mark-Up/Montage modules and the Stamp options. Available for Microsoft Windows and all major UNIX (including Linux) systems, EasyCopy seamlessly integrates four modules for your use : Capture, ZapView, Conversion, Printing.

Capturing with EasyCopy

One of the functions of EasyCopy is to capture text, images, or graphics from your screen. You may capture a window, the full screen, a region or a fixed region from any application that you are using.

Most common types of screen capture are easily configured in the 'Hot Keys' dialog. With your personal key assignments, you efficiently and ergonomically capture the right and perfect window, region or screen.

With the AutoPrint, AutoSave and AutoCapture functions, it is possible to set up a profile for saving all captured images in a specific format. You can also set options for automatic capture at specific time intervals.

Importing Text, Image & Graphics Files

Capture is an important source of images for some of your work but not for all of it. EasyCopy supports many file formats that you can open, annotate, manipulate, convert, and print. You may import all of the standard image file formats as well as many of the vector formats (support optional).

EasyCopy gives you a method for viewing and browsing your files to discover the correct file for import - including information about file type, file size and more.


The new ZAPview with real-time zoom and pan and the reference view for easy navigation within the file has made EasyCopy your perfect viewing partner when working with for instance gigapixels large tiff files.

File Format Conversion

With EasyCopy you also get a comprehensive conversion engine to (1) Save an image in a different file format to export it to a specific application. (2) Change the resolution of an image for plotting purposes or for export to another application. (3) Adjust the colors and save it with the manipulations. Or, (4) adjust the image to the exact output size that is required and in an acceptable file format.

Profile Manager

The Conversion Profile Manager window, gives easy way to select the best format and the optimal size for your output image.

Printing/Plotting of Images

Sending an image to your plotter is a simple task. EasyCopy ensures the highest quality for your plotting by making several options available to you.

Printer support

EasyCopy Silver offers support for practically all printers in the market. In the Windows version it supports any printer installed for Windows. The UNIX version provides its own printer drivers: All PostScript printers, all common laser printers, ink jet printers up to A2 or C-size, color laser printers, thermal transfer, and sublimation printers up to A4 or Letter size. It also provides color profiles for all important printers to ensure perfect color match. EasyCopy's profiles ensure that you get the best out of the printer.

Printer setup

Printer setup is done in a dynamic user interface where all the printer's options are made available from a unique printer description file.

Background color removal

This option lets you remove background colors automatically to provide a sharper output and save toner - also used for image file conversion.

Advanced Label

Add a label with output specific information.

Scalable solution

The flexible license system makes it easy to add more users as the need arises. Expand the product's functionality by upgrading to other EasyCopy products, but keep the user interface seamlessly within the same framework.

All major platforms

  • AIX 4.3+
  • HP-UX 10.2+
  • IRIX 6.5+
  • Linux (i386 or Intel IA64)
  • Solaris (SPARCstation) 2.6+
  • Tru64 (OSF 1) 4.0+
  • Windows (2000/XP)

Supported File Formats

  • Higher productivity: EasyCopy is easy and powerful. You need not be an expert for making high quality full color posters or prints from image files or captured screen images;

  • The easy and intuitive user interface and the extensive online help reduce the pressure on help desk;

  • Optimal utilization of investment with one tool across platforms and easy access from all parts of the network to all available printing resources;

  • Save time and money on system administration. EasyCopy offers fast integration, easy updates, and tools for creation, configuration and maintenance of print queues;

  • Uniform corporate standards for security procedures, easy to implement and automatically enforce with the EasyCopy Label function;

  • Save time and mouse clicks using Hot keys for screen capture in any application context;

  • Save maintenance cost by this One-stop application to handle all corporate product data formats;

  • Filters can be installed to ensure continued support of legacy formats within the same framework;

  • Save storage and network traffic by using EasyConvert for compressing data.

  • Reduced media costs: remove background colors or reverse black and white to increase readability and avoid excessive use of ink or dye.

  • Be in good company: The world's largest corporations have chosen EasyCopy not only because of its highly valued functionality, but also because of AGI's prompt and professional support.
   EasyCopy 8.7

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