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EasyCopy 7.3 Annotation
         (Gold Package)


  • Higher productivity: EasyCopy is easy and powerful. You need not be an expert for making high quality full color prints from image files or captured screen images;
  • The easy and intuitive user interface and the extensive online help reduce the pressure on help desk;
  • Optimal utilization of investment with one tool across platforms and easy access from all parts of the network to all available printing resources;
  • Save time and money on system administration. EasyCopy offers fast integration, easy updates, and tools for creation, configuration and maintenance of print queues;
  • Use the annotation feature to communicate you ideas directly, easily, and precisely;
  • Stamp and label functions allow you to set uniform standards for security procedures, easy to implement and automatically enforced;
  • Hot keys allow screen capture in any application context;
  • One-stop application to handle corporate product data formats;
  • Uniform, intuitive user interface to many formats;
  • Filters can be installed to ensure continued support of legacy formats within the same framework;
  • Reduced media costs: remove background colors or reverse black and white to increase readability and avoid excessive use of ink or dye.
  • Be in good company: The world's largest corporations have chosen EasyCopy not only because of its highly valued functionality, but also because of AGI's prompt and professional support.

EasyCopy Gold

EasyCopy Gold from autoGraph international (AGI) is the high-end product in the EasyCopy product family. It provides:

Screen capture

Capture any window, rectangular area, or the full screen and utilize AGI's proprietary Enhanced X capture to get perfect results for any combination of windows, including GL. Configure hot keys that let you run EasyCopy Gold as a hidden keyboard activated tool for capturing anything from any application on your display.

Image viewer and browser

Use EasyCopy Gold as a quick image browser and viewer.

Image format conversion

Save your screen capture or imported images in any of the supported image file formats.


Add annotation (text, graphics) and more to your screen captures or image files. Easy montage of multiple images. 

EasyCopy Montage

Advanced Stamp function

Put any text label across the image when you need to give it a special mark before you save, send or print it.

E-mail output

Send your screen capture or imported images as E-mail this is a fast and efficient tool for image communication within a work group.

Printer support

EasyCopy Gold offers support for practically all printers in the market: All PostScript printers, all common laser printers, ink jet printers up to A2 or C-size, color laser printers, thermal transfer, and sublimation printers up to A4 or Letter size. It also provides color profiles for all important printers to ensure perfect color match. EasyCopy's profiles ensure that you get the best out of the printer.

Printer setup

Printer setup is done in a dynamic user interface where all the printer's options are made available from a unique printer description file.

Background color removal

This option lets you remove up to five background colors automatically.

Administrator tools

System administrator can easily install and configure printers using existing print queues or create transparent EasyCopy queues that support any available type of connection. Setup a print queue in any common print system or connect to a print server with just a few mouse clicks. Easy integration with an existing plot management system. Strategies for connecting user groups to specific printers in the network. System administrator has full control over printing defaults and can decide which options are available for users.

Flexible solution

EasyCopy can be integrated in your network in many different ways. You may concentrate imaging load on dedicated servers or you may distribute workload locally depending on your conditions and requirements.

Scalable solution

The flexible license system makes it easy to add more users as the need arises. Expand the product's functionality by upgrading to other EasyCopy products, but keep the user interface seamlessly within the same framework.

All major platforms

  • AIX 4.3+

  • HP-UX 10.2+

  • IRIX 6.5+

  • Linux (i386 or Intel IA64)

  • Solaris (SPARCstation) 2.6+

  • Windows (98/Me/NT/2000/XP)

Supported File Formats

  • Calcomp Plot files (*)   

  • CALS Raster Type 1   

  • CATIA Picture Files   

  • CCITT Group 3 and 4 (TIFF class F)   

  • CGM (**)   

  • GIF 87a and 89a   

  • Ideas Picture File (input)   

  • HP-GL (*)   

  • JPEG, incl. Baseline, Extended Sequential mode (8/12 bits per color), Progressive mode, and Lossless JPEG.  

  • JPEG 2000, incl. Reversible and irreversible modes.   

  • OS/2 Bitmap (BMP)   

  • PCX   

  • PDF   

  • PNG   

  • Portable Bit Map (PBM)   

  • PostScript   

  • Silicon Graphics RGB   

  • Starbase   

  • SUN Raster   

  • Targa   

  • Text files   

  • TIFF, incl. Bilevel, Gray, Pallette, RGB. Support for LZW, Packbits, Facsimile and JPEG compressions   

  • Windows Bitmap (BMP)   

  • X Windows Dump (XWD)   

   *: Input only. Requires licensable option.
  **: CGM output as cell array. CGM input requires licensable option.

PostScript, PDF and Text Files

  • EasyCopy Gold imports these files by means of Ghostscript (installed with the product) and converts them to any of the supported image formats.

Vector Graphics

  • With the licensable option JustEasy you can import vector files (CalComp, CGM, HP-GL) and convert them to any of the supported image formats.

Custom Filters

  • EasyCopy Gold can be extended with custom filters to implement support of additional image formats.



EasyCopy's documentation follows the commonly accepted industry standards, and is thus easily integrated in your corporate system documentation.

Online help

Context sensitive help is provided in HTML format and can be viewed by means of Netscape (or other browsers). It is installed on your system together with EasyCopy, and the installation program will also configure the interface to the browser, so that you can display the help pages in a browser window from EasyCopy's dialogs.


Reference Manual

A complete user and system administrator reference manual is provided in PDF format. It is installed together with EasyCopy.

You can also download (8.7MB pdf) the Reference Manual from this website.

You need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view or print the manual. Acrobat Reader is included on the CD-ROM, and the installation program offers you to install it on your system. You can also download it from Adobe.


Distribution Media

EasyCopy is distributed on CD-ROM (ISO-9660). It contains the product (together with several other products from AGI) for all supported platforms on a single disc.

Free evaluation copies can be installed from the CD-ROM. Passwords to unlock a licensed version must be purchased separately.

Diskette or tape versions are available on special order (chargeable).
CDROM available upon request or download from website.

Free Evaluation

You can try EasyCopy on your own system free of charge.

An evaluation copy allows you to evaluate the software and determine how it works in your environment with your applications before you decide to purchase a license. An evaluation copy is a full functional version of the software, but it runs in demo mode: you will see a small text overlay "Demo" on all images you view, print, or save. You do not need a password to install an evaluation copy. Later, it can be upgraded to a licensed version by installing a password.

   EasyCopy 8.2

Click here for more information and  Download EasyCopy for product evaluation.

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