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Easycopy 8.2

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   EasyCopy 8.2

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EasyCopy Product Family

is a set of image Communication Tools for technical applications. You get true screen capture and image import. Browse quickly through your image data. Print high quality images on any printer in your network. With companion product EasyConvert you get export of images in CAD or DTP format of your choice.

EasyCopy/Page gives the CAD user access to easy page layout. One can import as many images as desired on one page or poster, annotate and title. An easy tool to document a process or give the marketing department an impressive overview sketching various options.

EasyCopy/Scan gives an easy and simple control of desktop color scanners. The product includes all the necessary tools for adjustment and post-processing of images: crop, scaling, color correct, etc.

The Solution

A combination of AGI's products creates the perfect environment for the handling of images on a single workstation or in a heterogeneous network.   AGI's family of tools for input, conversion and output are collected on one CD-ROM.

EasyCopy Customers Through-Out The World!

DaimlerChrysler employs thousands of EasyCopy and EasyConvert licenses in North America and Europe.  Other Large installations are at BMW, Ford, General Motors Corporation, Delphi Corporation, EDS, Honda, Lear Corporation and Volvo Car Corporations.

In the aerospace industry Boeing Corporation has an enterprise license for EasyCopy and EasyConvert.

EasyCopy and EasyConvert are standard products in many military and government institutions. Many energy companies including Chevron, Shell and Mobil have large installations of both products as well.

Customer Satisfaction

Chrysler Corporation required a customized solution for enhanced screen capture and PostScript-based image printing to meet present and future needs of 3,000 designers, primarily using CATIA.

AGI was selected to develop this solution, and it was solved by tailoring a selected combination of  our products to meet these requirements.

The resulting product supports the most common operations in a design environment, such as a capture and print by a single keystroke (hot keys). An easy and comprehensive menu system provides a means for a wide variety of more complex operations such as export of TIFF files to reports and publications.

"During the whole project, from the first draft specifications until the final installation and acceptance test, we have been confident that C.A.M./AGI had the right skills, tools, and spirit for this development," says a Chrysler Spokesperson. "The system is now installed on 3,000 workstations to the great satisfaction of our demanding engineers and designers, who need a simple, fast, and reliable tool for the printing of images and screen captures."

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screen grab, unix printing, screen capture, easycopy

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