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Supported File Formats

  • CALS Raster Type 1  
  • CATIA Picture Files  
  • CCITT Group 3 and 4 (TIFF class F)  
  • CGM (**)  
  • CMP (***) ZEH .cmp file (Montage format)
  • EDIT (***) UNIX SDI .edit file (Montage format)
  • EMF (***)  
  • GIF 87a and 89a  
  • Ideas Picture File (input)  
  • JPEG, incl. Baseline, Extended Sequential mode (8/12 bits per color), Progressive mode, and Lossless JPEG.  
  • JPEG 2000, incl. Reversible and irreversible modes.  
  • LAY (****)  
  • LAYZ (****) 
  • OS/2 Bitmap (BMP)  
  • PCX  
  • PDF  
  • PNG  
  • Portable Bit Map (PBM)  
  • PostScript  
  • Silicon Graphics RGB  
  • Starbase  
  • SVG  
  • SUN Raster  
  • Targa  
  • Text files  
  • TIFF, incl. Bilevel, Gray, Pallette, RGB. Support for LZW, Packbits, Facsimile and JPEG compressions  
  • Windows Bitmap (BMP)  
  • WMF (***)  
  • X Windows Dump (XWD)  

      **: CGM input requires EasyCGM.
      ***: Requires EasyCopy Gold
      ****: Internal Vector format with reference to original file(s). Requires EasyCopy Gold

    EasyCopy also supports automatic decompression of common compressed files (.Z, .gz, .zip). Additional filters can be installed to support import of other formats.

    PostScript, PDF and Text Files
  • EasyCopy Gold imports these files by means of Ghostscript (installed with the product) and converts them to any of the supported image formats.

  • Vector Graphic
  • With the licensable option EasyCGM you can import CGM vector files and convert them to any of the supported image formats.

  • With the licensable option EasyVECT you can convert vector files (CGM, EMF, SVG) to other vector formats(CGM, EMF, PS, PDF, SVG) and even edit the files prior to the conversion.

  • Custom Filters
  • EasyCopy Gold can be extended with custom filters to implement support of additional image formats.

  • Multipage
  • EasyCopy Gold supports multiple pages in PDF, PostScript, and TIFF files.

       EasyCopy 8.4

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