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EasyCopy Montage

Montage is available with EasyCopy Gold. It offers incredibly easy-to-use tools to add text, graphics sketch and more to one or more image(s) or screen capture(s).

EasyCopy Montage is all you need for Poster generation, Markup and Presentation.

Add Text

Select font, text style, text size, symbols, alignment, and text color. Set the position on the canvas where you want the text to appear, and type the text. Easy!

Add Graphics

Select line and area attributes from the side panels. Use the drawing tools: rectangle, polyline, polygon, arrow, ellipse or curve. Draw your objects on the canvas. Easy!

More Images

Select open to add additional graphics images or capture directly to the canvas. Specify options and layout for each image.

Edit Your Page

Use the pick tool to select text, graphics, or an image. In pick mode you can modify a text and its attributes, move text or graphics, resize graphics objects or change their attributes, and group objects together to form composite objects.

Zoome and crop tools lets you work with great precision in combination with user definable grid selection.

In the side panel you can pick any color for replacement with an alternative color from the palette or from anywhere on your screen - or tranparent.

A slider lets you choose opasity (semi transparency) for an image or object.

With the rotate tool you can arbitrarily rotate text, images or objects.

Save, E-mail, or Print

The complete annotated image can be saved, emailed, or printed. You have the same choice of graphic file formats and printers as in traditional EasyCopy operations.

You can save your layout as a .lay file, a layout archive (.layz) or an image. Layout files (.lay and .layz) files keep your text and drawings in SVG format with a link to imported graphics to offer optimal scalability.


   EasyCopy 8.2

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