Before you download...
Before you download EasyCopy you should consider if you need or want any of the following (free) tools.

You need gunzip to uncompress the archives you download from this server.
(Type which gunzip in a terminal or console window to check if you have it installed already).

 If gunzip is not installed on your system you should download it from before you proceed.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
You can use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print EasyCopy User's Manual. The manual is provided in PDF format.

You get an extra advantage if Acrobat Reader is installed on the system on which you install EasyCopy. You can then open the manual from EasyCopy's graphical user interface and use it as an online ressource.
(Type which acroread in a terminal or console window to check if you have Acrobat Reader installed).

 You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems Inc.

Netscape Navigator
EasyCopy comes with extensive context-sensitive online help. This resource requires a web browser. The default installation is prepared for an interface to Netscape Navigator because this browser is widely distributed in the UNIX environment. If you use another browser you can reconfigure this interface.
(Type which netscape in a terminal or console window to check if you have Netscape installed).

If a browser interface is not configured you will only get a brief, text based help system.

 You can download Netscape Navigator from Netscape Communications Corporation.


  Supported Workstation Platforms

  AIX 4.3+
  HP-UX 10.2+
  IRIX 6.5+
  Linux (ELF based, i386) 1.2.13+
  SUN Solaris 2.6+
  Tru64 (Digital UNIX, OSF/1) 4.0+
  Windows (98/Me, NT, 2000, XP)


   EasyCopy Download Options

Download Full Product Suite
  This includes all components of the product suite, incl. licensable options 
Use ftp protocol (recommended)
Use http protocol 

What is the difference between ftp and http download?
These two modes represent different network protocols.

Your browser will probably support both modes, but many browsers impose a significant overhead when you download large files in http mode, and experience shows that your download will easily fail due to a client timeout - that we cannot help ;-)

This is why we recommend download in ftp mode.

However, your site may have a firewall configuration that blocks traffic in ftp mode, in which case you have no other choice than http mode.

In any case it is advisable to install a download manager to take care of downloads. A download manager is a program that is installed as an extension to your browser. Whenever you start a download in your browser, the download manager takes over. It runs in the background, and it will automatically split the download job in smaller pieces. In case of failure it will automatically restablish the connection and continue the download.

There are dozens of products available for this purpose, commercial as well as free. Most of these products are Windows only, but download managers also exist for the UNIX platforms.


I download EasyCopy but I get a much bigger file than expected, and it cannot be gunzip'ed

Some web-browsers try to be helpful and decompress .gz files automatically. Unfortunately they do remove the .gz extension, so you are left with a very confusing view, namely a compressed archive which is, maybe, 70 MB in stead of the 24 MB you expected, and gunzip even tells you that the file has a wrong format!

Your browser has most likely played this game if you experience those symptoms.

However, the problem is easily cured. Just review the installation instructions (replace product in the file name with the real name):
  su root
  cd /usr/tmp/easycopy
  gunzip product.tar.gz
  tar xvf product.tar
  (you need root access for installation)
  (or whereever you downloaded to)
  (extract archive)
  (start intallation)

Now, that you know what the problem is, it is also easy to see what you should do in stead:
  su root
  cd /usr/tmp/easycopy
  mv product.tar.gz product.tar
  tar xvf product.tar
  (you need root access for installation)
  (or whereever you downloaded to)
  (skip uncompress, but remove extension)
  (extract archive)
  (start intallation)

EasyCopy User's Manual (PDF format) and EasyCopy Online Help (HTML format).

This includes the EasyCGM "plugin" for import of vector graphics (CGM, CalComp, HP-GL).

This includes Ghostscript 5.50 which installed as a "plugin" for import of PostScript files into EasyCopy.

This includes EasyCopy/Graphics, an alternate "plugin" for import of vector graphics. Note: You cannot use both EasyCopy/Graphics and JustEasy.

This includes EasyCopy/Page, an add-on program for composition of posters and montage of multiple images on one page.



Thank you for downloading EasyCopy 8.2 for evaluation.

Download should start within few seconds.
File name: ec810fp_aix4.tar.gz
File size: 44,317,358 bytes

  1. Save ec810fp_aix4.tar.gz in a temporary location, for example /usr/tmp
  2. When download is complete you can start the installation by typing the following commands in a console or terminal window. The compressed archive is expanded into a subdirectory (easycopy) which you may remove when installation is complete. You need the root password for the system on which you install EasyCopy.
      su root
      cd /usr/tmp
      gunzip ec810fp_aix4.tar.gz
      tar xvf ec810fp_aix4.tar
      cd easycopy

    NOTE: Some web-browsers try to be helpful and decompress .gz files automatically. If gunzip reports that ec810fp_aix4.tar.gz is not a gzipped file, and you can see that its size is much larger than 44,317,358 bytes, you may assume that this has happened. You can then rename the file to ec810fp_aix4.tar and see if the tar command will extract the archive.
  3. You will be guided through the installation procedure.
  4. Remember that EasyCopy 8.2 will run in Demo Mode until you install a password.


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