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CGM support in EasyCGM
CGM binary encoding is supported.

CGM clear text encoding is not supported. This type of encoding is not commonly used by applications.

The CGM character encoding is not supported. This type of encoding is considered deprecated by the CGM 4 standard (ISO/IEC 8632-1:1999), and also not commonly used by applications.

The following CGM versions are supported:

  • CGM version 1.
  • CGM version 2.
  • CGM version 3.
  • CGM version 4.
    CGM version 4 files can be printed, but dynamic content is not supported. The JPEG tile and PNG tile compression types are supported. Both the ISO PNG standard and the IsoDraw PNG tile compression are supported.
Element limits are based on the CALS profile, the CGM*PIP/II profile, and the ATA 2100 profile specifications.

The following CGM+ and the CGM*PIP/I specific extensions are supported.

  • Wiggle Trace (CGM+)
  • Background Trace (CGM+)
  • Wiggle Line
  • Wiggle Line Va-fill
  • Wiggle Variant Va-fill
  • Background Trace Interpolated
  • Background Trace NullColor
CGM*PIP/II files are also supported.

The CGM interpreter is compliant with most of the CGM elements and CGM element limits of the WebCGM specification. However, the WebCGM specific extensions for dynamic content are not supported. The WebCGM test suite states that only web-browser plug-in can be considered fully WebCGM compliant.


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